All in for Berlin

We're giving €250,000 to climate and environmental initiatives in Berlin.
Find out why we're going "all in" and the type of projects in the city we're supporting.

What is the “All-in for Berlin” grant?

We now have to do everything we can for the climate and the environment and go “all in”. We therefore wanted to support great ideas that want to make Berlin greener and more climate-friendly on a community level. Because there are many motivated people and ideas out there, we awarded a total of €250,000 to climate initiatives in the city. The application period ran from July 1st, 2022 to October 1st, 2022.

Why is Ecosia taking this step?

Ecosia was founded in Berlin in 2009. Since then, people in this city have supported us and believed in our crazy idea of the tree-planting search engine. To date, Berlin is one of the cities with the most Ecosia users. We wanted to thank the Berliners for this and return their trust. And we may start similar programs for other places in Germany in the future.

Who has been sponsored?

We have chosen a number of great initiatives, the content of which covers a wide range of problems and topics. Here we present the individual projects. You can find more information about the projects on our blog.

What projects will be supported?

We wanted to promote innovative project ideas that address environmental and climate protection at the root. They should aim to protect the environment, climate, biodiversity and affected communities. Funded were projects that cover at least one of the following categories on a community level and are exemplary.

  • Raising awareness of environmental and climate-related issues
  • Promoting a sustainable lifestyle
  • Greening the city
  • Contributing to sustainable forest management (regenerative forestry)
  • Promoting regenerative agriculture
  • Climate and environmental activism
  • Promoting the transformation of the mobility and energy sectors
  • Promoting intersectionality in climate and environmental activism
  • Climate justice

The final project selection was made by a 6-people strong committee made up of employees from different departments within Ecosia.

Got questions?

If we start a similar funding program again or look for further initiatives throughout Germany, you will find out via our blog and social media. We are currently looking for exciting tree planting projects throughout Germany. If you have any other questions, write to us at