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What is Ecosia on Campus?

It's a global movement of students aiming to make Ecosia the default search engine at their college, school or university.

Over 30 campuses have already made the switch, all thanks to climate-active students like you driving change.

You can make a difference

When a university makes Ecosia the default search engine on campus, every search done by students contributes towards planting trees and reforesting the planet.

It’s a free and easy way that your university can take climate action. And with your support, your campus could be next!


Trees planted by student searches

Last updated: April 10, 2024
Campuses using Ecosia
Student-led campaigns
Students using Ecosia
Searches by students

We’re here to help!

Launching a campaign at your university is simple and we’re here to support you along the way.

We provide you with customizable visual assets and materials to help you convince your university to start using Ecosia.

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Complete our online form and you’ll receive a unique link to download Ecosia so you can track your campaign’s impact.

You’ll also receive a monthly report showing the number of searches and trees from students at your university.

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Success stories

Shana, Heriot Watt

“Since the launch of Ecosia, the feedback has been really positive. Students and staff are now engaging with climate activism by searching with Ecosia. In the last month, we collectively planted over 500 trees and everyone loves seeing that tree counter on their screen!”

Erin, Sussex University

“The importance of making the switch to Ecosia is something that everybody on campus can appreciate. Everybody likes to feel like they are a part of a wider, united movement for positive change - especially when their participation is so simple and easy!”

Álvaro, Glasgow

“I've only received positive feedback since the campus I campaigned at made the switch to Ecosia. The university includes Ecosia within its new sustainability strategy and I love going into the library and seeing every computer using Ecosia now!”

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