Ecosia's incubator for Regenerative Agroforestry

We invest in agricultural projects that plant trees to re-establish healthy ecosystems, restore soils and improve the impact of agriculture on our climate, landscapes and society.

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Why regenerative agroforestry?

Trees and perennial crops sequester carbon from the atmosphere, they increase biodiversity and enhance soil life, they improve water storing capacity of soils and prevent erosion, and strengthen farm resilience through diversified crop production.

Why investment?

We acknowledge that for more farmers to plant trees on their farmland, capital for the high upfront investments needs to be facilitated.
We provide loans rather than grants to stimulate the development of market viable production systems with trees.

Overhead shot of tree saplings in a nursery, ready to plant
projects supported so far
trees planted in agroforestry systems at our projects
and more species planted

What we offer

Our incubator invests in pioneering farming projects in Europe that regenerate soil and ecosystems by integrating trees while demonstrating the financial viability of such diversified farms.


To get you off the ground, we provide you with the capital you need for upfront investments, which you pay back over a duration and with an interest that is suitable to your project.

Network of experts

To develop the best plan for your land and help you validate your ideas and business plan we connect you with experts and other project plans from our network.


To share your story with the world, we spread the word amongst the Ecosia community about your project and your way of farming.

A wheelbarrow of young tree saplings, in a green field

What we are looking for

Projects that integrate trees into any form of agroforestry system, demonstrating this at a sufficient scale of >10 ha or by planting more than 1000 trees and shrubs.
In 15 years at least 30% of your venture’s revenue should come from trees.

What you need to apply

At the moment we only consider projects in the EU and UK for this incubator.

Project description

What is your vision for creating a regenerative farm?
In order to give us a good idea of your project please provide a description of your project and yourself.

Site plan and design

How do you propose to integrate trees into your farming practices in order to improve soil health, biodiversity and the resilience of your land?
Please provide a land plan (e.g. googlemaps link and/or photos)

Business plan

How do you intend to use trees to make your farm financially more sustainable and resilient?
Please include a spreadsheet cash flow plan including anticipated revenues and costs over the payback duration.

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Two small tree saplings at one of our tree planting projects.

Get in touch

Please get in touch with us as soon as you are ready to discuss your application. We can guide you on what is needed and explore jointly whether it could be a match.

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