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Make Ecosia your new search engine and start planting trees today!

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About Ecosia

Ecosia is the search engine that plants and protects trees. It dedicates 100% of its profits to the planet and helps you be climate active every day. Collaborating with local communities, and thanks to its 20 million users, Ecosia has planted more than 150 million trees in over 30 countries.

Ecosia uses 100% of its profits for the planet

What is Ecosia on Campus?

It's a global movement of students aiming to make Ecosia the default search engine at their university.

By downloading Ecosia from this page and making it your new search engine, you'll help the campaign to make Ecosia the campus' default.

Start planting trees today!

Make Ecosia your new search engine and join the global community of students reforesting the planet.

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