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The greenest way to search

Ecosia turns the act of browsing online into a meaningful form of climate action.

By switching to Ecosia your business can have a tangible impact on global reforestation. And it's free!

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Track your impact

Our technical guides for IT outline an easy process to set Ecosia as your company’s default search engine. After set up, you'll receive a monthly report with the number of searches and trees planted by your organization. This way teams can see the impact the company is having with their searches.

Right trees in the right place

Over the past 12 years our team of reforestation experts has built up a diverse and highly effective tree-planting portfolio, planting over 180 million trees across more than 35 countries.

We monitor trees for decades to come using satellites, geo-tagged photo evidence and field visits.

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To start planting trees together, simply fill out our form. It’s an easy set up, and the Ecosia team is on hand to help.

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